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For the past 10 years, we build a strong customer base specializing in bodywork repairs, fitting original parts for small and medium-sized vehicles. Our services are primarily in Auto body repair, Collision repair, and Professional auto painting. Our collision repair technicians will asses and fix your vehicles damaged parts to your satisfaction.

Want your car painted? We have a paint matching system. We do paint refinishing, paint compounding, sanding and paint job not to forget buffering. We also offer frame repair services.

Are you in need of Auto body repair, Collision repair, Professional auto painting? We at Damien's Paint & Body Shop got you covered. With original car parts, we will make your vehicle look and feel as good as a brand a new. Tired of jobbers (unfit parts) and in search of bodywork services? You are in the right place, come to us or give us a call and well always be at your service!

  • Engineered to high standards
  • Assured high quality and dependability
  • Tested under extreme conditions
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Below is a list of our services

Auto Body: Frame Repair, alignment

We at Damien's Paint & Body Shop can warrant you the best frame repair, alignment and headlights repair you require for your vehicle.

Our specially-trained staff shall notify you of the diverse selections you can opt for with or without fresh paintwork getting done.


Exterior car parts replacements

Car spares are likewise known as car replacement parts or spare parts. Like the term implies, these are parts which can be replaced if malfunctioning or broken down due to age or an accident. Of the many types, one can get exterior car parts replacements from us. The motive being that the parts are already tested and have the best quality standards.


Original car parts obtained

We pride ourselves in providing the top quality original vehicle parts and spares at some very competitive prices. We are sure of the products that we are offering our clients. If you need an accurately dependable vehicle parts partner with a faultless standing, you should acquaint yourself with us. We do not do jobbers (in poor condition parts).


Collision Repair

Having a car collision accident can be a disruptive or stressful experience; our undertaking is to aid you via the auto body repair procedure in each step of the way.

We provide the best quality collision repairs plus client satisfaction in the car body repair business.



We deliberate that the vehicle washing process is undoubtedly one of the most vital steps in the detailing procedure. It does not only it formulate the foundation for all ensuing detailing treatments; it similarly permits you to keep the results of the work for an extended period, our car wash service will ensure you attain the decisive car wash.



At times, it might be tempting to stay driving despite a cracked windshield, just because you are busy and it is difficult to find time to replace the windshield. Damien's Paint & Body Shop makes replacing the windshield simple by providing online windshield replacement quotes.



When you enter into your vehicle, you bring in additional dirt. Every time you drink or eat, you leave a few more spills and crumbs.

Just sitting in the car, you drop dead skin, makeup, hair and other pollutants.

At our shop, we provide clients with a dependable car vacuum cleaning service.



If cleaning and polishing your vehicle's paint is not bringing back the shine, it is time for buffing. Though, buffing is not a one-step procedure: as soon as the paint is flat, it shall still have minute scratches that shall require to be refined out, and then the tiny scrapes left over need being filled in using a glaze to attain a superior shine. At Damien's Paint & Body Shop, we go via all the steps to offer your vehicle the most elegant finish conceivable.



Damien's Paint & Body Shop works with most of the insurance companies, small and large; to save clients time and the pressure you do not require after a mishap. We are conscious of how disturbing an accident might be and that every insurance firm has its processes. It is why we aid you with the insurance firm claims, offering detailed info regarding the damage to your vehicle and what it shall take to solve it immediately.